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Holiday Paparić

Jadranka & Šime Paparić
Lopar 445, 51281 Lopar, Croatia
tel: +385(0)51 775 393
web: www.holiday-paparic.com
e-mail: info@holiday-paparic.com



We have two two-bedroom apartments. Extra bed + cot available.


Lopar is located on the island of Rab, which is part of the Kvarner Archipelago. It is 110 km away from Rijeka, the region’s administrative centre, and 190 km from Zagreb. Lopar can be reached by ferry from Jablanac to Mišnjak within about ten minutes. Guests are ever more interested in taking the ferry from Valbiska (on the island of Krk) to Lopar, due to its vicinity to Rijeka and the airport, as well as a very attractive 90 minutes drive. The first thing to see, if one is coming by car from the direction of the town of Rab, is the monument in honour of St. Marinus, stonemason and founder of the Republic of San Marino, who was born in Lopar in the 4th century A.D. In his honour, the hotel resort and the auto-camp bear the name “San Marino”. Lopar has as many as 22 stunning sandy beaches, of which 3 are nudist (Ciganka, Sahara and Stolac). Lopar’s most important tourist facilities are located along the largest (1.5 km long) and most popular beach called “Rajska plaža”. Since 2003 the beach is awarded with the “Blue Flag”, an international symbol of quality, preservation of the environment as well as the safety of bathers.

island of rab / insel rab / isola di rab / otok rab
island of rab / insel rab / isola di rab / otok rab
island of rab / insel rab / isola di rab / otok rab
island of rab / insel rab / isola di rab / otok rab


- to the sea: 400 m

- to the grocery store: 300 m

- to the restaurant: 350 m

- to the hospital: 300 m

- to the post office: 350 m

- to the exchange office: 350 m

- to the centre of the island: 9000 m

- to the night club: 300 m